April 13, 2024

Demonic Caverns – Attunement The Materials


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We need a few items before we can enter the Demonic Caverns. Farm up some blaze powder, ghast tear, gold ingots and some lapis.


  1. Deliver 20 Blaze Powder to the Clerk
  2. Deliver 1 Ghast Tear to the Clerk
  3. Deliver 64 Gold Ingots to the Clerk
  4. Deliver 15 Lapis Lazuli to the clerk



This quest is the start of the Attunement for Demonic Caverns. To see the attunement quest chain in detail click here.

  • N/A – No Requirements


  • $300.00
  • 1 Quest Points
  • 150 Experience Points

Cooldown: N/A