April 13, 2024



  – With the MyPet plugin you can tame so many different types of mobs that cannot be normal tamed in vanilla. Depending on the pet will determine what skilltrees are available for that pet. For example if you wanna tame a spider you can and it will fight by your side or farm depending on the tree that is assigned to it.  You can select any tree as many times as you want though it has a cost to respect your pet.

For detailed commands and info on how to use the MyPet plugin, click here.

  – There are a couple of sections to the pet system. We have the Skilltree leveling system and the pet database (how to tame/claim) plus what the stats are. Also there is an experience system based on what you kill.

  – Arachnid, Combat, Utility, Tank, and Magic skilltrees do not have any quest or level requirements. They are only available to specific pet types. Farm skilltree has a level 25 requirement before you can spec in that tree. Harvester skilltree is a magic based farming skilltree. Only available after the Harvester Skilltree quest chain has been completed.  Click here to see the Harvester Skilltree quest chain details.


  – Search through the search bar below or by pet name or skilltree in the lists below.